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Jesse Horton

Jesse Horton

Office: 724-652-0222
Mobile: 724-971-9296
Fax : 724-652-6744

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About us

J.C. Horton Realty was founded by Jesse C. Horton, Sr., who is still the broker of record and owner of this agency. We have been here so long because we believe that the customer's needs outweigh the desire to make Dollars. The agency still has, at its very core, the philosophy that honesty, integrity and courtesy are the foundation upon which a lasting agency is built and that prompt, friendly "Service with a Smile..." will continue to earn us the repeat business and customer/client referrals that have been the backbone of our business for over 50 years.

Office (724) 652-0222

Fax (724) 652-6744

Toll Free (Paperless) Fax:  1-866-387-4681

Jesse C. Horton, Sr. (724) 971-9296

All of the listings displayed at this site are available on - - - - And More.  Check out our Youtube Channel for several full Length video showings.

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